COCOA - Charity Objecting to the Cruelty of Animals
Speaking for those without power or voice














COCOA is a non political charity, purely focusing on getting aid and veterinary help to animals that need it now. 


We are not fighting causes or starting campaigns. Our aim and what we do is to hone in on what is needed and pay for that resource, be it food, veterinary care, blankets – or fuel to transport an animal across country to a safe rescue home.


















We believe that money given to a charity is to be spent wisely and openly. For this reason, the help that we give will be logged on this website. You will be able to see exactly what we are doing. Wherever possible we will not be writing cheques for the recipients to spend as they wish, we will want to know – and will be finding out – the aid that is needed and help accordingly. 


We know that horrific photographs and stories on other animal charity websites put many people off from visiting these websites or looking through their literature. Not because they don’t want to know or are turning their backs, but because the horror stays with them and many animal lovers just do not want these images in their mind. For this reason we will not be putting graphic images or stories on this website. What you will see are ‘before and after’ photographs and videos, photos and stories of the animals we have helped. This is to show what can be done and what we will do. Animals do respond to what we call love and nurturing. Just as we respond to positive images.


Since starting this charity we have had a few requests from people who want to get involved and help. If you would like to become a friend of COCOA please email us your details and we will put you on our wall.